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Oliver Stark-wolff

Muay Thai COACH

Cert 3 & 4 Sport and Rec

8 Years Muay Thai Experience

Professional Debut 9/19

Current Professional Record 1-0-0



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Ollie has spent the last 8 years practicing the art of Muay Thai. With both amateur and professional fights behind him, he has been thoroughly involved in daily training rituals of Muay Thai and has a deep understanding of the discipline, technique and culture that embraces the style of Muay Thai.
In 2019 he spent 6 months training in rural Thailand, focusing on traditional training techniques and loves to share this knowledge with his students. With over 4 years of group class experience and two years of personal training experience he loves training anybody who has a drive to improve fitness, preparing for a fight or even just looking to try something new.

30 MIN  PT

- Develop Fitness

- Striking Technique

- Foot Work 


45 MIN  PT

- Develop Fitness

- Striking Technique

- Foot Work 


60 Min PT

- Develop Fitness

- Striking Technique

- Foot Work