ELEV8 MMA is a Mixed Martial Arts center situated in Heidelberg West with a strong focus on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Functional Fitness, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Japanese Free Style Ju-jitsu and Yoga. We take a holistic approach to training that covers many facets including, technique, strength & conditioning, and nutrition. In close proximity to Rosanna, Bundoora, Preston, Thornbury, Thomastown, Watsonia, Ivanhoe, Doncaster, Bulleen, Rosanna and Greensborough. 

Functional Fitness

Functional exercise replicates functional movement, that is, those movements we use to get average things done in our daily lives. Standing from a seated position, placing things overhead, pulling ourselves up, throwing, running, picking things up-these are all functional movements. A functional fitness regimen, then, would be one that utilizes functional exercises to address and enhance our ability to successfully complete these types of everyday tasks. Functional exercise allows our bodies to perform the way in which they were engineered. Squats, push ups, pull ups, deadlifts, box jumps, push press, and running are a few examples of exercises we use in combination at ELEV8 MMA.


Our classes usually consists of skill practiced followed by strength work and finished with metabolic conditioning. Each session is coached with specific emphasis on technique.


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What if i'm not fit or haven't trained before?

Regardless of your current fitness levels, most movements we perform in our functional fitness classes can be regressed or scaled back for people who haven't done them before. Your work out will be just a challenging as everyone else, however customised for your ability and skill set. 


You will be amazed at how fast you will pick up new skills and start feeling better day to day as you strengthen your body, lose weight and become a fitter healthier you.