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Nicole Kovacic


Nutritional coach


Certificate in Sports Nutrition

Pn 1 (Precision Nutrition Coach)

FMA Strength & Conditioning Level 1, 2, 3

First Aid & CPR



Nicole is the founder of ELEV8 Sports Nutrition.

The ESN method of sports nutrition, has been created to help both men and women around Australia achieve their goals in fat loss, muscle gain, and sports performance. The method has been designed for those that are ready to make a sustainable change and commit to taking forward steps in their well being.


- Set health & fitness goals
- Macro-nutritional planning
- Detailed Breakdown of process




- Weekly check-ins
- Plus daily availability
- Tailored nutrition plan, sleep & stress management


$40 P/Week

Nutrition consult    

- 1 off session
- 70-90 min
- Information session with a meal plan example, targeted to your goals. 



This e-book has been designed with the intention of providing you with an adaptable template to teach you how to "build a plate of food", but in a balanced way. It is a template to use which follows the Australian Dietary Guidelines, but without the rigidity of following a specific meal plan. It is not about regimented recipes, the idea is to show you examples of how to eat well, hit nutritional targets and is perfect for the calorie conscious individual.  It’s a no nonsense approach without any hardcore food eliminations. Let's leave the food guilt behind and wipe away the overwhelming feelings of not knowing what to eat. Food is so much more than just nutrients and even when your focus is to be calorie conscious, it shouldn’t leave you without variety, feeling unsatisfied or with little enjoyment.  


ESN Method 7 day meal examples

- 7 Day Visual Meal Examples

- Quick, Economical, No Fuss Meals

- Flexible yet Flavoursome 






From Nicole

My passion is teaching people how to achieve their health and fitness goals without the rigidity and misleading information of fad dieting. With all of the misinformation and conflicting advice in the health/fitness industry today, the ESN method has been designed to sort fact from fiction and simplify nutrition without the need to cut out your favourite foods.

The ESN method is supportive, encouraging and of course evidence based. I will teach you ways to achieve the goals you have always wanted to reach, but without the yo-yo dieting and limited or short lived success.

What you get with ESN

Initial consult where we address and clarify triage questions and collaborate to set measurable and achievable goals. Face to face or via Zoom. My clear expectations as your coach are also addressed here.

Macro-nutrient and calorie tracking information.

Weekly customised coaching & feedback and ongoing accountability to help you keep on track, whilst creating positive and long lasting habits.

Strategies on how to overcome roadblocks.

Meal and recipe Ideas.


For further information or any questions you may have please contact Nicole on the address below: